Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My class Blog 2010

I'm feeling really excited after getting all permissions from my children's parents to set up a blog. A new class blog for 2010! It is really early in the year and so lots of the work will be done by me with the children. Hopefully later in the year children will use tools to show their learning independently. Anyway, here is the link. Please do visit us and leave a comment or some ideas that we could do.

Cluster LT day

We started by members sharing ideas fom Learning @ schools. It was nice to hear about these ideas. BJ then reintroduced us to Action Research which sounds really exciting, although I need to read up and look at work other people have done. Wish I had more time in the day! AR starts with a problem and then we find ways to solve or minimise the problem. Our team have come up with incorporating e-learning into the literacy programme. We will work on this all year.