Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Love Kid-pix

Was lucky to have time to work with a group of my kids. Kid-pix is great, there's such a lot you can do with it. My group worked on creating pictures that begin with a letter of their choice (there's just 5), used text, and together we made a slide show of the pictures. They were so thrilled with the outcome and so was I!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trying it out

Today I had the opportunity to use an hour to work with a group of students in my class. They were to make a slide show in kid-pix. We started by making a story board. They wanted to make a butterfly life cycle. It took a while for them to understand that each stage had to be placed in a different box. We talked about the steps involved in making the slide show. They were pretty good because they did remember most of it. Well after that they started on their picture. I noticed that they found it difficult to use the drawing tools to make tidy, recognisable pictures. They would need a lot of practise to create better ones. They could also use a mouse though. Each of them completed 1-2 pictures and recorded their voices and saved their work. It was a fruitful session! Wish I had more time to work with kids using tech. It sure is fun!!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

A life well-lived

Today, a very sad thing happened. MR died... I hope she went peacefully. I remember times shared with her, she was always positive and did the best she could at everything, and she worked really hard. She was always happy to help and share. I miss you M. People come into the fibre of our lives and then all of a sudden, they disappear... but you will always stay in my heart. I am so glad we crossed paths. I hope you knew how much you meant to me. In my memory you will always stay, and every time I see a rainbow I will remember you and how you coloured our world, here at EPS. Life is to...oooo short friends so make sure you tell the people that matter most how much they mean and how much they are appreciated.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Life cycle slideshow

This is exciting! The slide show in kid-pix was uploaded without any problems.

kid-pix slideshow

BJ also came to my class to show my kids how to create a slideshow in Kid-pix. There is so much more to kid-pix than we know. The kids were very patient and excited with the end result. Some children were confident they could make one themselves. I will be working with groups so they can make their own slideshow about life cycles. Can’t wait to see what they will present.

i-movie animation

This week I had the opportunity to get support with using I-movie animation with BJ. She showed me how to use a tripod and move an object just a little bit before clicking each frame. The end product is quite exciting and I’m sure my little guys will enjoy doing this while gaining lots of skills. After you have taken the photos you drag it into i-movies and then add the sounds/music. Hopefully I can use this with my class in Term 4 to produce a nursery rhyme or story.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Beginnings

What an amazing few months it has been... immense opportunities, new learning, growth, and now BLOGGING! There's lots to be learned and achieved. Thanks to all those angels in my life (U know who you r) who lifted me up when I couldn't fly. Gosh I can picture all those faces, and there's so many.
Now, I'd like to spread my wings and fly "somewhere over the rainbow". Touching hearts, touching lives, touching the future... So wish me luck I say and I'll be on my way!