Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Year Gone by!

This year has been a great year in my teaching career. I have achieved more personally and with my class. It started with e-portfolio and I feel good that the kids have had ownership and involvement this year. It has been a hard road getting 5 year olds to understand the concept, teach them reflection and typing skills when most of them did not even know the letters of the alphabet. Time has also been a big factor as there is always so much to do in the day. I have tried lots of new things this year that I felt apprehensive about in the past years. They have all been successful and I have seen the results. Parents have shown appreciation for things we have done in our class. The highlight was our class blog, although in the past few weeks I am having problem uploading to Blogger. Soon it is going to be the end of the year and I just can't wait for the hols... It's so sad that I have to send my amazing brainy bunch to another teacher next year.
I have applied to be a lead teacher next year. I am looking forward to it.